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I miss you so much, Tom ☹
Friday, February 17, 2012 • 3:48 AM • 0 orang sayang Luna.



Tiba-tiba saya teringat kat awak. Dengan tak sengaja, air mata saya terus mengalir. Saya betul-betul rindukan awak. Ah I think I want to cry right now. Saya nak menangis sepuas-puas hati saya. Saya betul-betul rindukan awak. Please terasa, I was talking about you. I am really miss you, Tom. Did you not miss me?  

Yes, I know everything is my fault for hurting you. But, pls trust me I regret with all of that. Now, I have to pay for it. I lost you forever. I still want to be your special friend. Do you still remember this song? What are word, If you're not the one, Never gonna leave your side, It will rain, Superman, Something bout love and many more song. This is our song, do you still remember, Tom? All these song you give to me. You said, these song are full of beautiful meanings. Yeah, I still remember all that.

Whatever happens, you're still my special friend. I will wait for you. Goodbye, Tom.

Xoxo, Luna

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